COVID-19 Safety Information


The NSW Public Health Order commencing from 11 October 2021.
This information has been provided by our association CCIA (NSW) working with the NSW public health for clarification. Remember these restrictions will be lifted and are only temporary.

What this means for you and the park:

We can only open the pool to vaccinated residents and guests until the order is lifted, the government estimate the 1st December. We understand you may not wish to be vaccinated, or unable (you can provide your exemption certificate) we are therefore asking everyone if you wish to have any visitors, or use any of the park facilities listed please provide your vaccination certificate to the office. This can be visual to the office or emailed.
Any person entering the park must sign in using the Service NSW QR code provided beside the office door on the boomgate etc. and show to the office. If this is not adhered to visitors will be asked to leave. We do not wish to “police” the facilities and ask unvaccinated people to leave an area ie: pool.
Masks are still required indoors. Please remember to follow all advise in regards to COVID-19, Hand washing/sanitising, distancing, maximum capacity etc.
None of these rules or regulations are our choice they are set by the NSW government that we have to abide by. There are large fines that can apply if they are not adhered to. The personal views of our staff do not come into play with these decisions and we do not wish to restrict anyone, remember this if you are frustrated and please do not confront or verbalise your anger towards any staff members, residents or guests.
All our staff are vaccinated by their own choice.
Your assistance and understanding is appreciated